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Polycom 4300T Converged Network Appliance


The Polycom V2IU 4300T is an intelligent, all-in-one networking solution for enterprises and service providers. It reduces costs by simplifying the deployment, management and security of converged voice, video and data networks.

 The Polycom V2 IU 4300T employs a stateful packet inspection firewall in combination with an application layer gateway, providing comprehensive application-aware security. This approach enables the Polycom V2 IU 4300T to dynamically provision and close TCP and UDP ports as needed by video and voice endpoints. Optimizing the quality of your video and voice calls is easy, as the Polycom V2 IU 4300T routes video and voice traffic via the shortest path possible to minimize jitter, latency, and packet loss. At the same time, bandwidth not in use by video or voice is made available so that data traffic can burst up to full line rate, maximizing WAN bandwidth. It also maximizes access link utilization while optimizing video and voice quality using prioritization, traffic shaping, call admission control, and diffserv marking/policing. For small and medium office connectivity, the Polycom V2 IU 4300T provides an Ethernet WAN port and software-selectable, integrated T1 CSU/DSU or E1 interface This allows you to use it either as your WAN access router, or install it behind an existing WAN access router.