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ZTE MF271CA Rocket Hub

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This is a lightly used product in perfect condition.


ZTE MF271 Rocket Hub is a 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, which supports the 4G LTE Frequencies 700/1700/2100MHz. The peak download speed of ZTE MF271 could reach 75Mbps and upload speed to 25Mbps. Up to 10 wireless devices could access internet simultaneously through ZTE MF271.

ZTE MF271 Mobile Hotspot Technical Specifications:
* Type: Mobile HotSpots

* Form Factor: Portable Hub

* LTE Bands:700/1700/2100 MHz

* HSPA+/HSPA Bands:1700/700/1900/850 Mhz

* Up to 75Mbps download speed; up to 25Mbps upload speed

* WiFi: 802.11b/g/n

* DHCP Server: Firewall/VPN pass through/DHCP

* Battery working up to 18 hours

* Volume:138 x 138 x 30 mm

* Weight:400 g