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Crestron C2N-TFM FM Tuner


This is a lightly used product.

The C2N-TFM is a professional FM radio tuner designed to deliver stereophile performance with unsurpassed flexibility when used with a 2-Series control system. From Crestron touchpanels, keypads, handheld remotes, or computers, the user is offered an array of ways to locate and select a favorite station or program, with enhancements included to take full advantage of FM's hidden features.


The C2N-TFM's bidirectional Cresnet interface enables real-time feedback and status display from any 2-way Crestron touchpanel or e-Control®2 XPanel GUI. With display of channels by name and frequency, plus signal strength, scanning status, presets, and RDS/RBDS data, the C2N-TXM affords the ultimate FM radio user-interface.

RDS/RBDS Display

Full RDS/RBDS support expands the C2N-TFM's capabilities beyond anything else available. RDS (Radio Data System) in Europe and RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) in North America transmit an inaudible data signal along with the FM signal to provide a host of useful information that can be displayed as dynamic text on a touchpanel or computer. RDS/RBDS data includes radio station names and call letters, program types, phone numbers, and even song and artist details. Also, Universal Time Clock (UTC) data provides the accurate GMT time and date, which can be used to keep an entire Crestron control system in synch with the world.

Enhanced Tuning

The C2N-TFM supports complete scan and search capabilities including the ability to search by program type, or even search for available traffic reports. Manual channel selection is also possible through standard incremental tuning or direct numeric entry. Automatic mute, mono, and local/distant modes can be activated to minimize audible static while tuning or listening to weak signals. A headphone output is even provided on the tuner's front panel along with user controls and an LED display to facilitate local setup and control. Up to 20 favorite FM presets can be saved onboard the C2N-TFM for instant recall.

AM/Weather Option

Adding the optional C2N-TAMWX AM/WX Tuner turns the C2N-TFM into a high-performance AM/FM and Weather radio tuner.

Multiple C2N-TFM tuners may be rack-mounted along with Crestron's XM Satellite Radio and TV tuners to provide extensive listening options for multi-room systems of every size.

Key Features
  • Professional FM stereo radio tuner
  • Full 2-way touchpanel and XPanel control
  • Real-time feedback and status display
  • RDS/RBDS - Display station names, program details, phone numbers, universal time clock, traffic and weather
  • Scan, seek, or search by program type
  • Onboard memory for 20 "Favorite" presets
  • Cresnet communications
  • 1/2-space rack-mountable

Does not include warranty, original packaging, or power supply.