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Draper 211009 Luma 2/R Manual Portable Front Projection Screen (69x92", Black Plastisol Case)

Original price $429.00
Current price $200.00

-new but small defect:

Screen is new (still with protective wrapper around case) but does not roll up all the way (does not lock due to heavy roller at base of screen). Good for those who want to keep it down at all times.

(Mint condition except CSR control screen return does not work properly)

-new but small defect à


-Luma 2

-92” x 69” (115” diameter)

-2” black border all around

-4:3 ratio

-matte white

-black casing


The Draper 69x92" Luma 2/R Manual Portable Front Projection Screen is an attractive and practical choice wherever a large spring-roller screen is required. This "Pull-Up" style screen is provided with a scratch-resistant case. The optional floor stand really makes this screen complete by supporting the system in an inverted position at floor level. It telescopes upwards for easy deployment.