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Electro-Voice P900RT Power Amplifier


We have two units available ($250 each). These are lightly used products in excellent condition with minor surface scratches due to racking/unracking.


High-impedance output for 100/70V lines with 2 x 410 watts. Loudspeaker output on barrier strip. The power amplifier employs two high-performance output transformers and offers floating loudspeaker outputs.


  • Remote control and supervision of up to 250 amplifiers via one or multiple PCs
  • Central supervision of all amplifiers and connected loudspeakers
  • State-of-the-art signal processing (Filter, Delay, Level, Dynamics)
  • Display of the acoustical response of EV speakers in real-time (RACE)
  • Integration with life-safety systems and control of external equipment
  • Exceptional audio performance and extreme reliability