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Niles LS-1 Light sensor

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The Niles LS-1 Light Sensor is a device used to monitor the on/off status of almost any component. It is used to provide a 12V sync or status feedback signal to the IntelliControl Home Theater Automation System, IntelliPad Wall-Mounted Keypad, a Niles infrared repeater system or any other device that requires a 12V DC control voltage. When the source component is powered up, the LS-1 sensor detects the change in brightness of the component's front panel display or on/off indicator. This change in brightness triggers the LS-1 to output a 12V DC sync signal.

Niles LS-1 Light Sensor:
  • LS-1 is activated by the presence of light
  • LS-1 senses a component's on/off status by the change in brightness of the component's front-panel display
  • When the display is brighter LS-1 outputs a continuous 12V DC up to 400mA
  • Adjustable sensitivity feature allows precise trigger-level control and optimum front-panel placement
  • Works with virtually all electronic audio/video components